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Monday, November 16, 2015

Meaning of TERRORIST in different 21st century dictionaries:
American: One who kills an American or Israeli and is a member of Al-Qaeda or ISIS outfits. Others can be called Rebels.
British: One who kills a Briton, European or American. Others can be freedom fighters.
French: One who kills a French man or woman and is a member of ISIS. Others can be rebels, freedom fighters.
Indian: One who kills an Indian Hindu and is a member of LeT, Jaish-e-Mohammad or Hizbul Mujahideen.
Iranian: One who kills an Iranian or Palestinian or Lebanese or Syrian or Iraqi Shia.
Saudi Arabian: One who kills an Arab royal family member or an aboriginal Arab, comes from Yemen or Iran.
Pakistani: One who kills a Pakistani Muslim and comes from TTP, Afghanistan or India.
Kashmiri: One who kills a Kashmiri Muslim and belongs to SOG, Ikhwan, BSF, CRPF, Indian Army, BJP, Jan Sangh, RSS.
So the 8 rounds in 8 different directions and Mr Terrorist does 'hahaha.....'

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