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Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost all the media organisations, particularly TV channels, are now in a mad race of predicting results of the J&K Assembly elections. They have plenty of resources at command. Most of them have invariably predicted 36-41 for PDP, 30-35 for BJP and 4-10 for NC and Congress each. As there is almost consensus on these figures, may be these exit polls turn true on December 23, 2014. Almost all of our colleagues in media and friends in Police are also holding the same opinion. Congrats to PDP and BJP and sympathies to NC and Congress.

However, till the results are declared on Tuesday, let us be entitled to our raw guess which indicates:

1: HUNG ASSEMBLY as no party may cross the figure of 30;

2: Three majors (PDP: 24-29 | NC: 22-24 | BJP: 21-23) may remain stuck within 21-29 zone.

3: Congress may get 11-13 with certain unexpected advantages in Kashmir.

So it may be average:

1. PDP : 27

2. NC: 23

3. BJP: 22

4. Congress: 12