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Sunday, November 15, 2015


Even those of us, whose hearts beat for ISIS and who perceive ISIS and her terror cousins as messiahs and freedom fighters, have condemned the Paris bloodbath with their lips and finger touches-----not for the 150-odd innocent civilians whose blood spilled on the streets but to escape Europe's post-11/14 radar, to protect their own luxurious shuttling between Asia and Europe and flow of money from Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Europe. At a mosque or procession in Asia, they love waving of ISIS flags and eulogise the masked youths as heroes of freedom but in Europe same people call them 'terrorists' and empathise with the victims of a carnage. Crass hypocrisy. Characteristic of a class from 6th century to 21st century. This is completely different from the teachings of the great founder of Islam whose conduct and character, honesty, clarity of thought and action, respect for other religions, universal brotherhood and co-existence made hundreds of thousands embrace Islam. Swords and AK-47s are for defence when a combatant will attack. These are an evil when used to spill the blood of innocent, non-combatant followers of other faiths. Practice only the great Mohammad's Islam which does not terrorise, not the one professed by his hypocrite enemies.

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