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Friday, July 13, 2012

[It has been pointed out by one of the followers of this blog that Ms Barjees, as mentioned in the following story posted on June 17 last year, is the daughter of  calligraphist Mr Misgar, not of Mr Miskeen. It is, accordingly, corrected. Inconvenience if caused to anybody is regretted-----AAF]

DNA is superior to Ph D in Cultural Academy

A rehabilitation centre for sons and daughters of litterateurs and journalists

Ahmed Ali Fayyaz

SRINAGAR, Jun 17: When arguably the tallest of the contemporary literary figures in Jammu & Kashmir, Prof Rehman Rahi, wrote appreciation of his own daughter, Nausheen Nighat, while pushing her for promotion from Assistant Editor to Editor, sometime back, one of the Valley’s top leading newspapers carried a story. In short span of few years, Jammu & Kashmir Academy of Art, Culture & Languages, commonly known as Cultural Academy, has become a rehabilitation centre for sons, daughters and other relatives of litterateurs and journalists.

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