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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Someone thunders, someone roars,someone barks, someone bites, someone gets bitten and cries---and someone dies due to wounds or infection. Dogs continue to swell in numbers, journalists write stories, Srinagar Municipality makes dog ponds, calls for dog keepers and and gears up for sterilization. The show goes on. Chief Justice Kalifullah asked a vital question: 'Will the dogs stop biting after being sterilized?' But nobody asks him the more vital question: 'If Chief Justice of High Court will pose to be helpless by being poetic and philosophical like all others, including the much tweeting Chief Minister, who will give the Kashmiris Azadi from this dog menace? Why dogs have better right to life than humans in Kashmir alone? Is this total helplessness and insensitivity of the authorities to basis safeguards of human life or a tool to keep the Kadhmiris engaged with non-political issues?' People fattening their necks with huge salaries coming to them from taxpayers' money should have a shame to stop this spree of rhetorical speeches and deliver. Enough is enough.

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