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Monday, March 8, 2010

Irrelevant questions from CM’s Secretariat to Dooradrshan

Question Reply

a. Whether the Doordarshan has approved Not yet
The script of any episode or Gulistan
Productions/ Shri Mubarak Gul during
The current year

b. Whether any agreement has been Question does not arise
drawn by the said Productions House; as (a) not yet done.

c. Whether any payment/advancement Question does not arise
payment has been received ay the said as (a) not yet done.
Production House.

Questions that were not asked to Dooradrshan

1. Whether it is a fact that Mr Mubarak Gul, Proprietor ‘Gulistan Productions’ applied for empanelment as private producer in December 2007 in response to notification dated 30-11-2007.

2. Whether Mr Mubarak Gul was empanelled as a private producer for his business firm ‘Gulistan Productions’, subsequently invited to submit his proposal for the project in 2009.

3. Whether Mr Mubarak Gul appeared before DD’s committee of officials with presentation of his project on 23-06-2009.

4. Whether Mr Mubarak Gul’s programme titled ‘Azla Lone’ was sanctioned and letter of allotment issued to him from DD Kashir in October 2009.

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